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Digital Surveillance Solutions


Next-Generation Digital Video Surveillance for Business & Government
Deploy a comprehensive solution for capturing, managing, storing, and evaluating digital surveillance.
Surveillance systems play a key role in any organization's approach to protecting people, assets, and critical infrastructure. Accordingly, your organization—whether a commercial enterprise or a government agency—is probably considering a greater investment in this area. Additional expenditures, however, do not address the problems inherent in traditional surveillance systems.

Apple and videoNEXT offer an advanced, open standards–based digital video surveillance solution that delivers exceptional-quality video and unifies all video, audio, data, access control, and alarm management functionality into one command and control center. With a solution from Apple and videoNEXT, organizations benefit from a common operational picture that enables them to capture, manage, analyze, integrate, and act on data that was previously disorganized and overly complex. The end result is improved reaction time, potentially reduced costs, enhanced operator productivity, and fewer security risks and losses. MORE


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