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Run your business
with style and efficiency.

With the Mac, you can create stunning documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, or tap into a vast array of finance, marketing, sales and productivity software. And with iMovie, included with every Mac, almost anybody can deliver video that captures the attention of a wide variety of audiences.

Fit in and stand out.

Incorporating the Mac into an existing PC network is easier than ever. The Mac can connect to virtually any server, share files with nearly any computer, and seamlessly share most printers and other network services.

Make your business safer than ever.

The Mac provides layers of protection built-in so your business can rely on comprehensive security—reducing your worries.

Collaborate with ease.

The Mac gets your team working together quickly with built-in solutions like email, calendaring, shared address book, video chat and more.


Need to shift your business into high gear?

Time to consider the Mac.

The Mac gives you the tools you need to make your business stand out and stay productive, the security to keep your business safe, and the compatibility to fit right in with your current technology investments. The Mac also tops the charts in reliability and customer satisfaction, so it delivers real value to your business. With the Mac, you get the resources you need to empower your business, from accounting and finance to marketing, sales and productivity—tools that are easy enough for almost anybody to use.

The Mac is designed to help you get work done efficiently, with one-of-a-kind features like Quick Look and Cover Flow to help you stay organized. The Mac also helps keep your team coordinated and in sync with built-in solutions for email, calendaring, and contacts—all at no extra charge. The Mac equips your business to market with style, ease, and minimal expense. With every new Mac, you get the iLife suite of applications at no extra charge. You get iMovie, which makes it easy to create attention grabbing videos on your own to promote your business—all without complex applications, large budgets, or professional assistance. The Mac also runs the iWork suite of tools (sold separately), including Pages, Numbers, and Keynote to power the creation of stunning documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

Incorporating the Mac into your existing PC network is easier than ever with Mac OS X. The Mac is highly compatible. Native support for Mac and Windows- based networks means that it fits right in and lets you leverage your existing technology investments. It runs Microsoft Office and Windows applications (sold separately), connects to virtually any server, shares files with nearly any computer, and accesses most printers and other network services. The Mac also supports Microsoft Exchange Server and Active Directory, so it easily fits into your Windows infrastructure.

With the Mac, you won't get PC viruses. And its built-in multilayered system of defences helps keep your business safe. Mac OS X also has you covered with robust built-in security features such as application-based firewall, VPN client, strong encryption tools, and integrated Internet security. It also helps you keep your data secure with Time Machine, which automatically saves up-to-date copies of everything on your Mac for easy recovery using a additional hard drive, sold separately.

The Mac offers everything a business requires, with features that streamline business operations, boost productivity, support collaboration, and enable easy creation of stunning digital content.

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